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About San Agustín Paracas

Paracas is located to 300 Km south of Lima, a great bay to visit during your trip to Peru. It is a privileged place because of its ecosystems, species biodiversity and historical heritage. Also, from Paracas you could visit Nazca Lines.

Paracas culture was developed in this outstanding destination over the past centuries, famous for its funerary bundles and Paracas mantles which are testimony of its ancestral worldview. Afterwards, this culture was succeeded by the Nazca Culture distinguished by the perfection of its solar and lunar calendar, today known as Nazca Lines.

The San Agustin Paracas Hotel Resort is located in the midst of the beauty that only the Paracas Bay can offer you. The resort has been modeled base on a modern and environmentally friendly architecture; allowing travelers to interact in a unique and indescribable natural environment, where the nature wonder can be appreciate from your Room.

The excellent location of the Paracas hotel let you visit the Ballestas Islands and Paracas National Reserve, where you can appreciate the variety of marine fauna living in this fully protected area.

We care every detail in our Paracas Hotel, to enable the nature be part of your best refuge; likewise, in every spot you will be part of the vast history.

In particular, we stress that all Rooms have ocean views.